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President's Hurricane Disaster Plan Of Action

President's Hurricane Disaster Plan Of Action

1. Convene special task force to advise on scope of disaster.

2. Congregate aids and family to pray for victims.

3. Visit site of disaster for personal observation (fly over).

4. Meet with FEMA Director.

5. Determine if disaster falls within responsibilities of Federal Government.

6. Call Governors of States affected.

7. Collaborate with private sector industry leader as to nature of response.

8. Release oil reserves to protect against rising oil prices.

9. Meet with faith based groups to encourage cooperation.

10. Appoint cabinet level team to coordinate relief effort.

11. Cabinet level team appoints Field Marshals to direct specific areas of relief.

12. Field Marshals identify ground teams to manage disaster zones.

13. Direct aids to locate "friendly zone" in disaster area.

14. Give speech in "friendly zone"

15. Direct ground teams to count and evaluate the condition of victims.

16. Order body bags.

17. Place victims in body bags and remove from disaster area.
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