domanblue (domanblue) wrote,

Again - Me Without A Camera!

OK. I just saw the freakiest thing.  I'm heading north on Elk Grove/Florin (south Watt) and a hook and ladder firetruck peals out of the Safeway parking lot with it's light on. It's one of those really long jobs and I stay appropriately back behind it in traffic.  But then the rear of the truck starts drifting to the side. I didn't follow it because I came to my street but it looked like it was fighting to stay going forward.  But it kept going on in to the distance.  Firefighters often use the truck to go grocery shopping so they have it if they get a call.  But did they leave someone the rear cap operator?  All I can think of is Kramer ain't got the caboose this time. The truck was going straight and using all three lanes.
Tags: #elk grove
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