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Because of the pounding political ads on TV, I am abstaining from TV until after the election.  So maybe this has been all over the news and I've missed it.  Only a few years ago, many were predicting that Halloween was going to overtake Christmas in terms of decorating and merriment.
But something weird has happened.  I just went to get something to eat, and as I drove back, I realized: not one house in my neighborhood has decorated for Halloween.  Not even the old fashioned stuff that the kids made in school.  Nothing!
Now, obviously, the economy must have something to do with it but I wonder if that's the entire picture.  We have a lot of folks here now that may have no historical knowledge of Halloween.  Kurdish, Sikh, Russian, Hmong and other Chinese immigrants are all well represented here.  I wonder if they have any use for or tolerance of halloween revelry.  And of course, it's anyone's guess as to how many of these houses are actually vacant or occupied by squatters that are just laying low.

It's just feels like a cold and lonely place considering it's Halloween.  Is that an irony?
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