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We'll start off today with a little rant…

My Comcast broadband has been out for the last two days. I thought this problem had been fixed but no. I can’t help but notice that this has occurred just when the weather has heated up. It's time for Comcast to send another seventeen year old expert to spend 4 or more hours in my bedroom hooking gadgets up to my wire and calling for additional help that never comes. Comcast doesn't employ many technicians of their own. They contract out this type of service call to local "experts". Last year when this happened, a Comcast guy told me I was just out of luck because they were not going to replace their equipment outside. My only other option is to get DSL from Frontier (Citizen's), a company with the worst service record on earth. There are no other options yet in my neighborhood.

And to make matter's worse, this may be one of the last messages I can send from "ssssshh…((work))..". We are about to implement a very intrusive internet monitoring system. And I, being in the core of the technology infrastructure, am required to be a shining good example. There are a lot worse things happening around here so I guess this is to be expected.

Take into light, the Supreme Court decisions this week and truly the world is collapsing around us.

Now on the "It’s supposed to be good" front...

My sister and nephew are down from Seattle for a couple of weeks. We will all spend the 4th weekend at my father's in Napa valley. I have fond memories of watching fireworks from atop Atlas Peak but I think we're scheduled to watch the show at Silverado. This mix of personalities has danger written all over it.

I need a real vacation and soon.
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