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OK, so I need to buy an outdoor security camera for that vulnerable corner of my house.  I have all the choices lined up in a nice comparison chart.  But to my fustration, all the options say that they come with "windows drivers" and nothing else.  There is one camera that I really like.  It's a Toshiba and I've had really good luck with their products in the past.  So I'm looking at their detailed specification on their web site and I happen to notice that the camera's on-board OS is Linux 2.4.  WTF!  Why can't I get Linux drivers for the panning and stuff.  This world is becoming just too frustrating.
I know that most of my LJ friends are Macibytes.  And you're probably thinking why doesn't he just go down to the Apple Store and buy the "one" preselected item that is guaranteed to work with everything else.    It's because life should be about more than mashed potatoes.  And I should just be allowed to hate Microsoft if the shoe doesn't fit.  I'm just going to have to force it to fit.  (code a little, *sigh*)
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