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I don't know what to think of this.  Someone broke into my yard.  Not my house, my backyard. And to get there, they went through my side fence.  And by "went through" I mean they ripped apart my side fence.  They must have left through the gate because it was open with a few more boards broken.
The question is when?  It wasn't broken yesterday  when I came home from the store.  I've just been here and I didn't hear a thing.  Maybe when I was in the shower?  But that means someone walked through my back yard (and right by my bathroom window). 
The question is why?   Were they running away from the police?  Were they trying to break into a neighbors house?  Nothing was taken.
I'll bet it was the police.  They broke my gate once before because they were "pursuing a suspect".  I was watching out the front window at all the police vehicles...they could see me in the window...but they decided it would be more fun to kick in my gate than knock on my door to search my back yard.
I'd ask my neighbors if they saw anything but I'm not up for one of those "hey your grass is getting pretty long" conversations right now.
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