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from green to brown to yellow

First, Let's go back in time a little. This is the doman with his first brand new car.

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I bought a green car because, Susan, my girlfriend at the time, liked green cars. Then she dumped me.

OK. Enough of that. Introducing doman's new ride...

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Yes, that's right! I bought a bright yellow s2000.

The down side is that I must continue to work for the State of California for the next 5.1 years. Knowing that, my boss says that I am now officially his bitch for that duration. Oh, good Lord, what have I done? I was so close to “Shopping Cart Hobo” I could taste it. But this new car has forced me to hold out for “Drunk, First Class”. I suppose I could hang with Rachel and Ray. I’m sure they’ll still be drinking to excess in 5 years.
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