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Digital Switch - Fun Facts

I did a search of new "over the air" stations within a 300 km radius of my house.  There are way more applications and construction permits for new digital channels then I ever expected.  I'm going to assume that some of these are only building a station to force their way on to local cable systems.  Federal laws require that cable providers carry any locally transmitted signals.
Before the digital switch, there were 3 religious stations within this range.  There are currently 33 approved apps for religious stations to broadcast after the transition.  I base this only on the name of the parent company.  Companies with names like "Freedom America" may very well be a religious station too, I just can't tell.  I would love to believe that some of these stations might broadcast gospel singing or similar but more than likely the new incentive for love offerings is the Jesus steak knife set.
There are 118 stations at normal power around northern california going digital.  But 135 low power operations have approved apps or construction permits for after the switch.  Something tells me that if you make steak knives, this could be your year.
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