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last night I had a spider crawl across my chest.  not a dangerous one but a big one.  so today I decided to take a survey of what's going on in my back yard.  I try to work under the premise that if you reduce the food supply, that the whole food chain moves on.  what I found was, in many cases just feet from where I sleep were many, many black window spiders of various sizes. YIKES!
having been bitten by these disgruntled women three times before, I am in no mood to take chances.  but it seemed like the further along the wall I went, the more I found.  and a lot of earwigs too which is probably what the spiders are eating.  but I ran out of earth friendly bug spray.  the earwigs will eat both plants and other bugs and are just another "trash" bug.
sorry to those innocents that get in the way but I got to get rid of these red lanterned ladies.  they could actually kill one of my cat friends.  I afraid of what I will find in my garage.
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