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Cruise With God

I'm listening to a station from Mobile Alabama and I can understand every word they say. I didn't think I would.
That's the back of the story.

So I like almost every type of music. What that means is that if you were hanging with me, you'd have to endure a strange variety of sound. One type of music that I like to use as background music is gospel. I have looked everywhere in Europe for a good gospel station. None. How did all those great musicians get exposed to gospel music if nobody's playing it?

I've been avoiding US streamers for reasons that I have long forgotten. So, I figure, maybe I need to adjust my practices and look for gospel. Oh, I found all kinds of links to "gospel" stations. But, it was the soundtrack to all those off hour "paid" TV shows with the stage that has more flowers than a funeral. Now, I know what the term gospel means. Remember, I had those Jesus freak years way back. But let's be honest. I think when people say "gospel" music, it should be black gospel music by default. That stuff they've been playing on PBS should be forced to be labeled "white" gospel music so there's no confusion. Nobody wants to hear that! I mean, not really~!

Anyway, I have found a couple of streaming black gospel stations and I'm very disappointed. They're very commercialized. And the personalities obviously have higher paid intentions. And they run all these "Cruise with God" OR "travel to wherever" type commercials. It's like non-stop Burt Wolf with a funky voice.
So if anyone knows of a good gospel stream that will fill this strange niche in my listening habits, please do tell.
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