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I am now officially jealous of those that are living in new york, OR are leaving for new york....
You all know that I watch way too much TV. And I have been trying to move to other media outlets for background entertainment. Today I got into that HULU thing that's been pushed. My only problem with all this technology is that a war is raging on my PC's. It's between media providers and all the "protection" software that I have running to clobber pop-ups and flash-trash.
When I finally got HULU going, I was impressed. I watched a bunch of old Barney Miller (Before your time-trust me) and I laughed a lot. This is significant because all the old programs I watched on Comcast's FAN-CLAM or whatever it is, didn't hold up over time. Shows like Laugh-In and Love American Style that I desperately wanted to see in reruns don't make any sense when you see them today. I just had a feeling that Barney Miller was different and I was right. (Barney Miller was set in new york by the way)
Now I have to figure how to automate this so I get a constant stream of content.

In other news..the key latchys next door invited friends over and spent many hours having a bush and tree destroying ceremony. I don't know how much (or how little) sugar or whatever it took to get that much rage against plants. I was amazed at their conviction of yelling and hitting and screaming and pounding with sticks for whatever those plants had done to them. I don't know if the parents came home or they're hearts just burst on the battle field. Unfortunately for me, the battle field was a few feet from my world control center. (bedroom)

I'll bet it's quiet on the sidewalks of New York.
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