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When I was just a wee lad growing up in south Sacramento, the hot-rod era was in its last throws. We didn't have air conditioning or even a swamp cooler so the only relief at night was to sleep with the windows open. 24th street was about 2 blocks away and on weekends, it became the impromptu local drag strip for all the James Dean wannabees. But I had no idea, at that age, what was going on. All I knew was the sound of engines roaring and the images in my head of what they were doing. Actually, I found the sound quite soothing as it was a pleasant distraction from all the worried thoughts in my head about school and my family.

You may already know where I'm going with this. There is rebirth. Everything cycles around. But with a few changes, one can once again listen to the sound of car engines at night. This is, of course, another suburban neighborhood but all to close to where I started. And the cars are quite different. Instead of the low rumble of large V8's, we now get the high pitch whine of the modified honda civic (cultural label intentionally left out). And instead of a drag race, it's now all about exhibition, so there's all the tire squealing around corners and drifting. And ya got to add the police sirens and helicopter buzzing about. And let's throw in all those car alarms we didn't have before. And did I mention that it now lasts until 3am and this is the middle of January?

Is this something that I'm enjoying because of the unique make-up of my neighborhood, or is this pretty much pervasive? I'll bet they don't listen to this in Brooklyn. Yah, I forgot, there's gunshots too.
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