domanblue (domanblue) wrote,

does everyone feel

I'll go first.
Among those in my friends list that is. (and additionally those still talking to me)

How does everyone feel about what's going on with LiveJournal? I assume you know by now that there's a lot of weirdness happening behind the scenes ( and now somewhat behind a curtain ). I've read several independent news stories that say simply that it's all related to our economic downturn. But that's kind of why I'm bothered by what I'm hearing. I, like many of you, chose LJ because it was different..less commercial. Now I have nothing against private enterprise but when it comes to social webbing, I wanted to plant roots in something that wasn't flying around on the back of a dollar bill the way most media interests are. OK, I'm starting to ramble into a corner like I always do. What are your thoughts? PLEASE TALK TO ME. (sorry for yelling).
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