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I just heard on the news that Bob Wilkins passed away yesterday. Bummer! He won't be remembered by my friends list. But I've got to say something about him because he was an icon in my youth.
Something came up the other day about why little girls can be so scary in horror movies. Well Bob Wilkins kind of pioneered that normal/scary element. He was the host of the Saturday night scary movies on local TV and later in San Francisco. He would sit in a rocking chair and smoke fat cigars. But he was young, wearing conservative clothes, short hair, clean cut, very nerdy guy. And he would very quietly introduce the movies in a very dry manner. Rocking in the chair. Damn he was scary.
And he always encouraged the audience to come up with their own short horror films. I'm pretty sure I saw the Happy Barbecue on his show. It's hard to imagine the effort it would take to do that sort of thing in an age of video cams and cell phones. We (kids in hood) tried it and didn't get very far.

So long Bob. That Chair will always be rockin'.
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