domanblue (domanblue) wrote,

Cupid Stupid

Brothers and Sisters, I am aghast at the results of the latest okcupid test forced upon me. Ok Cupid Personality Defect Test by saint_gasoline
I will be speaking at great length tonight about the effect this type of test is having upon our young people. Tune in your internet radio dial to hear the truth about personality defect testing.
This test had the audacity to suggest that I am a:

You are 42% Rational, 71% Extroverted, 14% Brutal, and 57% Arrogant.


Your exact opposite is the Spiteful Loner.

Other personalities you would probably get along with are the Hippie, the Starving Artist and the Robot.

Let God speak to your heart through this amazing internet radio program. If you feel so inspired, please feel free to send most of your money to this important audio ministry.

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