domanblue (domanblue) wrote,


I finally had some quality time on my roof and it's beginning to look beyond my abilities to fix. (it's been 34 years since I was a roofer) I have a concrete tile roof with a lot of angles. About every third row of tiles has a particularly small tile in the valleys. Small enough that they have virtually no support underneath. So they're now subsiding below the other tiles creating a path for water to go. Bummer!

In addition, there's a section of the roof that is bowing inward. I have yet to figure out why. My house was the first one finished in the subdivision and I think that had a very negative effect on the quality of the house. In order to meet some arbitrary escrow date, they just started slappin' shit together. Whatever they had on the truck at the time. (the vent to my heater is about ten feet long and made up from about fourteen pieces).
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