domanblue (domanblue) wrote,

today it rained, maybe

I went to Fairfield today to buy a processor box.  On the way back, it rained not once but three times.  And all three times the sun was out.  When I got home, I decided to walk for a slice o pizza.  Didn't need the pizza but I used to walk all over downtown and now I really need to get walking.  So I'm walking along in the sunshine getting hotter than I would like and what -do-ya know, it starts raining on me.  But this is good.  I have survived another Sacramento summer.  It's over.

When I bought the box in Fairfield, the clerk dude was making all kinds of dude like noises.  Now when I'm by myself, I make all kinds of noises, (OK, maybe it's singing, whatever) but not while I'm working in public.  I wanted to pay in cash (off the grid) and clerk dude had a major hassle try to find a register that would accept cash.  And cash lady really wanted me to sign up for buyers club or whatever, so they could get my name.  How could they let a unit leave the store without an associated name and address.  This was a planned expense as my newest box is about seven years old.  It'll be religated  to web server status untill comcast kicks me off.
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