domanblue (domanblue) wrote,

Career Change

I have done just about all the bit manipulation I can take prior to insanity. But I can't decide when to retire from public service and begin my second career as a sidewalk character artist. So I have charted the possible ramifications of an early decision:

Retire In Year: Eligible To Become: Comments:
2016 World Traveler pending good 401k performance
2015 Perpetual Tourist
2014 Marriage Scam Target  
2013 Perpetual Student how many times can you take a ceramics class?
2012 Mountain Hermit need cabin in mountains
2011 Crafty Neighbor need table saw
2010 Drunk, First Class you know, classy bars
2009 Bowling Ally Lizard  
2008 Pool Hall Lizard  
2007 Hoarder junk costs money
2006 Cat Lady cats gotta eat
2005 Shopping Cart Hobo I am here


Of course, these status levels will need to fund art supplies for my sidewalk enterprise. I will also need a A-frame sign stating "DRAW YOUR WIFE/HUSBAND $5- "

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