domanblue (domanblue) wrote,

rattle and...

I was just out watering the back yard (nothing much else) and now my right arm has the shakes.  What is it with this thing that doesn't exist?  It seems I can't do any labor without... now I gots mouse control issues. 
And the ants found the new location of the hummingbird feeder.  I hung it from the side of the house temporally and washed it down with the garden hose to get the ants off.  Then Red Dot Man came to complain about a missing feeder.  He took no time in finding it's new location.  But what was fascinating was that he started feeding no more than two feet from me.  They usually insist on a wider personal zone than that.  Green Man came a few minutes later but never did find the feeder.  He couldn't get off the idea that Red Dot Man had something to do with it being missing.

I also took the back way through the neighborhood to get some lunch.  The foreclosed homes are really starting to stand out with no rain and all the plants dying.  The house right behind me was foreclosed on.  There have been people working in there for a few days now fixing something.  I suspect the last owners even took some of the stuff that was nailed down.  Interesting that fixtures go with those leaving but personal items of little value stay behind.  I guess when your in that position, that makes sense.  Several of the foreclosed homes down the street had huge piles of crap in the front after work crews had gone through them.  I'm talking mountains of mattresses, food, clothes and broken toys.
Ok, I need some help on this music thing.  Does anyone know of a search engine that searches by actual notes?  I mean the type of notes you play, not the ones you might write about a song.  Ya, I know there are lots of lyric searchers.  But I don't have the right lyrics to search by.  What I am trying to find is the original score that my high school song was derived from.  Everyone agrees that it must have been stolen from some 19th century march, but no one remembers from where.  It's been lost to history.  And I want to dig it up.  That's just my nature.
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