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new day less pain

The epitome of why big media must die:

Picture this, you're watching that tube (local channel) and a banner flashes on the screen "Breaking News".  The regular news crew describes that a local boy has been kidnapped.  The story continues in the same manner as all their news flashes.  Then in the last few seconds, a voice says "get all the breaking news on channel....."  It was just a promo.  But they got your attention.  Sucker!
I'm reminded of something someone said after 911.  They said to make sure to remind little kids that what they are seeing on TV didn't just happen.  Because the little ones have no ability to discern that the constant replaying of the film isn't something happening right then.  They may think that planes just keep hitting buildings over and over.  Or that little boys keep getting kidnapped over and over. Some bigger boys with bad memories might also get confused. (no finger pointing please)
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