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It's eating my brain! slightly

I'm a victim of sustaining media (TV as companion).  I say that to explain why I would hear or see so many commercials despite hating most of the current TV programming.
One of the recent commercials that have been haunting me is a Corona Beer commercial.  I'm usually pretty good at internet research but I beg for your help in trying to find out what music is playing in that ad.  There's no dialog (Corona's trademark) and the music sounds like a dizi flute but with a caribbean OR perhaps north african melodic style.
I used to stay in SF quite a bit on business and I would always stay at the wharf cause, believe it OR not, it was cheaper.  And every night I would hear that same type of music playing outside my window until at least midnight.  It had no association with the surroundings and I don't know if it came from a bar nearby or a street musician.  But I MUST find out the origins of this type of music.  And if I can say any unifying thing about my friends list is that they know music.  OK, maybe that's one of two things.

Oh, and this is the first day in about 10 years that I have not had any prescribed drugs.  So there's a good chance that this quest is just some weird withdrawal symptom.
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