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Merry Earth Day

mark: "I have the greenest friends list there is.  They are sooo green..."

audience: "How green are they, doman?"

mark: "they are sooo green that the lot of um up and joined the Army.  You see, they heard that you had to wear green clothes in the Amry."

audience: "ha ha wait suck.  We want our money back."

So I just got back from Cal-Expo.  I dropped of a bunch of e-waste including and old amber monitor and my commodore-64.  Remember when everyone bought amber monitors because then were supposed to be better for your eyes?  Of course you don't.

In other news:  Remember how cruel my friends list was when I bought that bright yellow sports car.  Well there's one more thing...I got the pink slip daddy!   It came in the mail today.  Now the only thing I owe money on is my house.  Hotdog!  (with bright yellow mustard)
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