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Wow, what a week of getting stuff done (for me that is, any normal personal still calls me a loaf.)  I said goodbye to TOM today.  I just couldn't see any chance that I could repair him so off to charity he went.  I think the tow guy thought I was nuts when I saluted TOM going up the ramp.  But $16,000 = 222,492 miles,  I sure can't complain. 

I rototilled a good portion of the back yard yesterday.  Ever use a rototiller with an electric motor the size of a power drill?  My yard gets infested with my allergic nemesis bermuda grass.  So my plan is to turn everything that was grass into ceramic tile.  I want to use rather small tile so it's going to take years to finish.  But I can add all kinds of artsy stuff among the regular tile like brushed metal designs and glass tiles embedded with LEDs.

Apparently, cafe Milazzo is still not ready yet.  oh smudgepot! , I am really in the mood for Italian food.
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