domanblue (domanblue) wrote,

another God i'm old post

a) I just got around to filing away a copy of my 2006 tax return.  does that make me a procrastinator?

b) the file box i put this stuff in is now full.  does that make me a pack rat?

so I was wondering, when my grandmother died, did she have a copy of every tax return she and grandpa ever filed.   what a silly thought.  of course they didn't have copy machines back then.  (probably not even carbon paper).  so I'm going through my old returns and I realized, I had made hand written copies for my first five or so returns because THERE WERE NO COPY MACHINES YET!  I got so mad that I threw out the stones I used to use for counting.  this is a Nocello moment.

hey, I'm watching a friends rerun.  it's the one with the jelly fish.
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