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I am so sad right now. The little chick of that bird couple that have been letting the porch suite has died. He was OK when I got up this Morning. But I found him on the sidewalk about 2 hours ago. He was about 8 feet from the nest. Not in the direction he would have crawled had he fallen out. He had a bad habit of crawling on the outside of the nest.

That porch is a bad place for a nest because it gets really hot in the afternoon. But last year, the nesters produced three healthy birds. They made it all the way through flight school and the family camp out. Only one of um' kept returning to the nest and eventually he got motivated.

Now, I know that my feelings aren't right. I'm a guy. I should be all "it's a dog eat dog world" and "mother nature takes its course" right? But I feel all moochy inside. I blame the medicine.
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