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I have these event things that happen in my life every now and then that I call purges ( no, I'm not bulimic). I name them after girlfriends that inspired them. There was the great Nancy purge, the great Susan purge, and a number of lesser-known purges. These purges were never about getting rid of their stuff after a breakup. No, it was always a desperate attempt to sluff-off clutter and possessions to make room for hipper stuff. But it was always at the sacrifice of hobbies and memorabilia, stuff I wish I had kept later.

I could easily fill a 10,000 Sq foot warehouse, no problem, given enough time. Actually, I have a friend, I'll call him Gary, that bought a warehouse for just that purpose.

Now there is no woman in my life to "label" this on, but it's the perfect time to reorganize and make room for whatever is to come, hence a new purge. OK, yes my Uncle and Aunt are coming to visit and might be a tad critical of the volume of clutter. They swear they won't be but gesture is louder than words.

So here's my problem. I have a bunch of old artwork from Sac State days that I need to hide but nowhere to put it. Mostly greenware. Why would I hide it? I'm glad you asked. Because it's far below par. I keep it around to remind me of previous mistakes (don't go this way type thing). I had another friend, I'll call him john, that kept a time line of progress around the perimeter of his studio. This really helps but I don't want others to see this stuff.

Yah, this is just a little problem. The harder part is trying to figure out what to name this purge.
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