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The Usual Quirks
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Monday, February 2nd, 2009

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Maybe the fumes from painting with oils is getting to me. Or, maybe I'm just looking for some excuse to go back to acrylics. But there's a reason I moved to oils (aside from the company). Several of my professors spent a lot of time with me explaining how to marry images to iron surfaces. Alkyd stains work very well in this environment. I need that background in oil painting.

The other night I was talking with someone about a place..and I brought up the name of an old tavern that I used to frequent before I was legal age to drink. That place was called Parapow Palace. Now I never find places I remember on the internet (helps me believe that I'm imagining everything). But I did a search and, not only did I find the bar, but I also found out that it was Paragary's first place. Wow, I didn't know that. What humble beginnings. I even found pictures which I'm going to steal and show some of my classmates and say "remember when you were country funk?". (the place was a little bit country..and an even littler bit funky)

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