domanblue (domanblue) wrote,

OK then...This is different.  Whatever this much stronger today.  I don't think I can blame today on MTS, or entirely on MTS.

I had three cups of coffee and a diet Pepsi.  Two cups coffee and a diet Pepsi is normal.  I quit taking one of the blood pressure meds and my diastolic went up to 90.  That can't be it cause it's been a lot higher that that recently.

So what is it?  It's like I was walking gingerly all day, very unsteady on my feet.  Like up losing control of certain muscles.  And other muscles are cramping up again.  And that stupid ticklish feeling going up and down my spine and down my arms again.  But today it was/is so much more clear..or unclear.  There is a big difference between shaking and twitching, isn't there?  I sure wish I had a doctor right now.

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